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What is Dev?

"Dev" is an ERC20 token for open source software (OSS) sustainability.

After fairly evaluating OSS's influence, we will distribute a token proportionate to that value.

We will transform the development of OSS — viewed as having a sustainability problem due to the difficulty of monetization — into something sustainable.

Anyone can buy and sell tokens on Uniswap.

Read about our approach
Currently "Dev" is an alpha version, some features are restricted.
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How to entry OSS

Send form of Start Now page

Token distribution destination
One of the project owners ( First come, first served )
One of the project owners, or distribution according to contribution degree to Contributor of GitHub.
Token distribution method

Calculated by Node.js, distributed by Metamask

Full automation

How it works

What does Dev resolve?

Ethereum and Bitcoin were also developed as OSS.

Google and Facebook also use a lot of OSS. The influence of OSS now continues to grow in every area.

However, many OSS developers are encountering OSS's sustainable development problem. Approximately 83% of OSS projects are unable to continue for more than one year, and approximately 50% are maintained by fewer than two contributors.

Development is intensified by most OSS being released free of charge. However, because it is free of charge, sustainability problems arise.

While there are also cases of monetization through the use of donation services, evaluation methods are highly arbitrary, and OSS is not evaluated as fairly as it might be.

"Dev" supports OSS by fairly evaluating OSS's influence.

We believe that, if we can boost the standards of OSS's sustainable development, we can also boost the speed of societal progress.

Token details

Initial total supply
10% every year
Distribution cycle to OSS
20th of every month
Threshold for distribution to OSS
Over 1,000,000 total downloads of all registered OSS for one month are required. If this threshold is not met, "Dev" will not be distributed.
Calculate distribution rate to OSS

pdl = Download numbers the package, from the 20th day of the last month to the 19th day of the current month

adl = Download numbers across all packages registered on Dev, from the 20th day of the last month to the 19th day of the current month

t = Number of tokens retained by the distribution address

d = Number of days elapsed since the OSS registration

p = t / d

ta = Total of p for all addresses

m = Annual number of mints

x = (p + pdl) / (ta + adl) × m / 12

Contract code